America’s Press closed their operation as of
June 15, 2020.
Bill and Joel Turner had a long history of supporting the Texas publishing
and independent author community with quality paperback book printing.

As a service to their existing clients, Bill Turner made sure that his customers
will receive the same level of service and quality by partnering with
JPS Graphics Corporation

JPS Graphics is based in Dallas and has extensive digital printing, book binding
and distribution capabilities.

Specializing in books of all types:
Softcover, Hardcover, Booklets and Workbooks (plastic coil and wire-o).

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America’s Press and JPS Graphics have
teamed together to support the
Texas book printing community.

JPS Graphics can help you with
any type of book.

All books are printed in-house with the most extensive book bindery in the Southwest!

We have plenty of digital firepower to print your contents – black & white, full color or hybrid (a mix of color and black & white).

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JPS Graphics Corporation
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