Author of the Month

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September 2011 – Mike Demetro

Mike Demetro, author of “Insider Tells All ‘The Ultimate Recruiting System'” and designer of
Please tell us a little bit about yourself.
I am true entrepreneur at heart, a Realtor, investor, author, marketer, public speaker and so on and have been blessed in many ways. I wrote this book in order to give back to the average person that has put their heart in soul into something that they thought could benefit them financially and at the end of it all was left with little direction and many times more financially crippled than before they started. My true inspiration was that person, I find it very rewarding to know that my book is so well received and has helped thousands climb the ladder to success.

Who is your favorite author or what is your favorite book?
John Grisham. Amazing that his mind works on that imaginary yet intellectual level and that he can deliver one best selling page turner after another.

How did you decide to author a book and publish your own work?
It was after seeing another author speak at a business seminar and reading his book that I realized that I had a lot of the answers and a lot to contribute, both my success and failures had taught me so much and I truly felt what I had to share would genuinely help people to succeed. I researched and self published so I had control over my own work.

What tools, that you are willing to share with other author/publishers, do you use to market yourself and your book?
I share all my secrets and trials and errors in my book in regards to recruiting others and making sales. I have chapters dedicate to free ways to market your product/self along with insight on just about everything from blogging to free face book ads in order to drive traffic and pick up sales. All in which I implement in my daily life to promote my book and sales.
What was your greatest challenge, in regards to becoming an independent book distributor?

Finishing the book was my greatest challenge, It took a little over a seven months to write and I still found myself pouring over it day in and day out, tweaking it, adding to it, reorganizing chapters, I just wanted it to the be the best it could possibly be. My biggest challenge on the distributor side of things was international shipping and trying to make it cost effective for the consumer and still get it there in a timely fashion.

Check out Mike Demetro’s website at for more information on him and what he does.